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Henry Livingston Webb & Frances Henrietta DeLord

Henry Livingston Webb was a son of Joseph Webb and Abigail Chester. Father Joseph was a wealthy Whethersfield merchant and was a brother of Samuel Blachley Webb. Henry Livingston was an importer/exporter of china and crockery in Albany, NY. He married Frances Henrietta DeLord on August 13, 1832. Frances Henrietta died three weeks after giving birth to the couple's only child, Frances DeLord Webb, in 1834. Child Frances DeLord Webb was raised by her maternal grandmother until the age of 5 and was then moved to the house of Henry's maiden sisters in Hartford. Henry sold his store due to deteriorating health in 1844 and he died in 1846.


John Haynes Webb & Elizabeth Bancker Webb

John Haynes/Hays Webb and Elizabeth Bancker Webb were siblings of Henry Livingston Webb.  John Webb was best man at Henry Livingston Webb's wedding and Elizabeth Webb was one of two Webb sisters who raised Henry Livingston's daughter.  Elizabeth Bancker Webb was named after the first wife of Samuel Blachley Webb, Elizabeth Bancker, who died shortly after giving birth to her first child.  John Webb was close friends with Henry Inman, a leading portrait painter in New York and Inman painted the above portraits.

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